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About Us

Working as a team for the past 16 years, we are doing exactly what we love to do and what we are exceptionally good at — transforming living and work spaces and helping you make them healthier.  Even the most disorganized can become organized with our help. We have been helping families, the elderly and clients with traumatic brain injuries for many years and are supportive and helpful beyond your imagination!

Organization and Redesign Experts Scott Bird

Scott has a varied background over the past 30 years doing home and historic home remodeling and new home construction. 

Scott and Lynne White have created Organize Asheville serving individuals and corporations.  They have focused their business on organizing the disorganized. Scott is really great at what he does and you will know that from his pleasant energy!


Organization and Redesign Experts Lynne White

Lynne White has been a fine art gallery owner, real estate agent and interior re-designer for many years. Lynne is an expert at both home and office organization and downsizing.  She also serves as a Destination Consultant for IOR World for Asheville and parts of Western North Carolina.

Lynne creates simple systems that anyone can use to make their life and environment more functional.  Lynne also knows how wonderful it feels to live a life of order.


The Organize Asheville team welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the very best service possible.